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Crystal Beth and The Boom Boom Band Sunset

Photo Cred Lord Fotog

Tristan Gianola is a guitarist and composer, recently relocated to New Orleans, LA from Seattle, WA. Working in many styles and described as “flagrantly virtuosic” (Dave Segal, The Stranger), Gianola flexes his versatility as a guitarist while rooted in his studies of contemporary classical composition and conducting at Cornish College of the Arts. With many styles and sounds in his fingers and compositions, genre bending meets aggressive and unpredictable bombast in Gianola’s music. For the last three years in Seattle, Gianola worked closely with composer Wayne Horvitz in curating live music for The Royal Room, a music venue in Seattle’s South End.

Current regular projects include Bushcraft, SpiceRack, Being John Mclaughlin (tribute to Early Mahavishnu Orchestra), The Cuts, Low Tones. Gianola has played with Crystal Beth and The Boom Boom Band, Grace Love, Alex Cline, Chuck Deardorf, Wayne Horvitz, Don McGreevy, Doug Garrison, Skerik, Mike Dillon, Briggan Kraus, Richard Felciano, Polyrhythmics, Northern Thorns, Sydney Ranee, Hotels, The Suffering Fuckheads, and more.