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A quartet playing a circus of crisp original funk, psychedelic rock, jazz and r&b. Featuring Tristan Gianola (guitar/compositions), Jake Sele (Hammond b3), Nick Lonien (bass), Joe Eck (drums).

“…that homemade bands proliferate like memes on the internet is no surprise. That one could be so good that they conjure up thoughts of parliament-funkadelic, Zapp and the Ohio players is. SpiceRack – the South Seattle band that has injected the Royal Room in Columbia City with its dynamic blend of funk, rock, and soul in recent months- merits those exact comparisons by anyone who has glimpsed one of their impossible to stay composed in your seat performances.”
South Seattle Emerald

“It’s about 2,700 miles from Seattle to New Orleans, but if you don’t have the gas and the time to drive there, take a shortcut and give the new SpiceRack album a spin instead. Steeped in the sound of instrumental funk icons The Meters, crossed with extended solos, psychedelic flavors, and the more, groove-based experimentalist strains of the jam band scene, SpiceRack’s debut album features 11 intricately tasty originals penned by guitarist Tristan Gianola.
Ranging from the good-time funkiness of album opener “Keep Your Hands Off My Stash,” to the more angular modalities of “Carved Into Stone” and the anthemic space-rock vibes on “Dem Stars Look Good (They Make Me feel Nice),” the band displays a broad range of slinky grooves, inspired soloing and confidently locked-down group interplay.
The recording has a wonderfully airy and open live sound to it, giving the instruments room to breathe, and conveys the sense that SpiceRack are no doubt a potent performing unit. We can always use a little funky heat up here in Seattle, and So Hip It HURTS nimbly provides the spark.”
Р Andrew Luthringer (Earshot Jazz)

“You say you’re going to do a set of songs by New Orleans funk immortals the Meters, makers of some of the most deathless and libidinous grooves ever? Well then, SpiceRack, we should all do what we can to witness this humanitarian gesture. The Seattle quartet – guitarist/composer Tristan Gianola, drummer Thomas Whiteside IV, Hammond B3 player Jake Sele, and bassist Nick Lonien – are supremely well suited for this task, as a listen to their 2015 album So Hip It Hurts testifies. Every musician can play in the pocket – as exemplified by the motherfuckin’ Meters – but these SpiceRack guys can also go off on florid tangents, psychedelicize with tastefulness, and write a memorable melody – even while they sound like they could win a Battle of the Jam Bands competition at Bonnaroo. So, “Cissy Strut” on down to the SeaMonster, y’all.” – Dave Segal (The Stranger)