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About Me

Throughout my life as a musician, I have been prone to taking care of the labor that goes behind the final musical experience. Copyist work, transcription, arranging, booking, promotion, scheduling, hiring, paperwork, sound engineering, producing and more. I’ve had the pleasure of continuously working with artists to relieve them of the monotonous industry duties so they can focus on their craft. It is gratifying work and, at the end of the day, fills the world with more good music. I currently live in New Orleans by way of Seattle, but I can work with anyone from any location. Instead of simply offering my skills in one package as a producer, I want to give people an affordable and flexible series of services they can utilize. Listed below are the services I offer, both as hourly rates or as collaborative case-by-case contracting work.

Music Copying/Transcription

I have been a regular Sibelius Notation Software user since 2006, as well as having practice in doing copyist work by hand. Charts, lead sheets, full scores for any instrumentation with any technique, parts, non-standard notation and formatting, score reductions and more. I can simply replicate your score into digital format, or transcribe your music followed by copying it. I will give you a preview of the score followed by edits at your leisure, a final copy of the score and any parts.


RATE: $40/hr.  


Any instrumentation, any occasion, any music. Tell me what your needs are and the music will be arranged and finalized in digital notation, easy for musicians to read and perform. The art of arranging is personally one of my favorite musical things to do!


RATE: $40/hr.

Bands for Hire

Are you a solo artist in need of a band? I can hire the musicians, prepare them with your music, rehearse them and schedule them. Tell me what you need in terms of instrumentation and what your project entails, and I will make the calls. This is a collaborative work process, so I will be very communicative to make sure your needs are fulfilled and your music manifests in the way you envisioned it.

RATE: Collaborative Contract


Collaborative work with other musicians is one of my favorite things to do, and I am ready to employ my skill sets to make any special presentation of music. I love putting together random projects of great music and have experience in making a large variety happen. All the skills you see on this page can be utilized, as well as engineering, booking rehearsal spaces, managing schedules, etc. Being a collaborative effort, rates are flexible and we would design our own contract together.

RATE: Collaborative Contract

Collaborative Editing

Instead of working together long term on a collaborative contract, I offer the same work on an hourly basis which I call “Collaborative Editing”.

Musicians are often so over-saturated with work that things can slip through the cracks, and it can be a lot to juggle. I have worked with many artists in maintaining/improving their operations with my experience. Instead of doing a long-term commitment as a Producer, I can work with you by the hour for your specific needs. Need advice on bookings? Need help in publicity or promotions? Want to create a press release or an EPK? Want to tighten your band’s sounds? Consider this a private lesson in general musical industry skill sets to take your music further. You bring the music, I will do everything I can to upgrade your operation.

RATE: $75/hr


I have done professional bookings for both venues and bands since 2009. I make sure all booking confirmations are concise and clear so no artist will walk into a gig with any unanswered questions, and ensure the booking fits the long-term agenda of any performer. Tell me what your needs are and I will handle the communications while keeping you completely informed and in control of your music.

RATE: Collaborative Contract


I teach composition, guitar, ear training and music theory. As both a composer and guitarist, I have been active in a wide variety of styles including classical, jazz, pop, opera, experimental, songwriting, world music and many genres in between. I take the student’s interest in music and help them discover and expand their art so they can realize their musical visions with ease.

Guitar: $60/hr, $50/45 min, $40 30/min

Composition/Ear Training/Music Theory: $60hr (only by the hour).  


I take pride in seeing an artist’s vision come to life. Want to work together to make your music take shape? My entire history as a musician is your resource.

RATE: Collaborative Contract


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